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Your Health

When it comes to your health there are many pieces of the puzzle.  

Putting those pieces into the right place creates the master piece. Too often we focus on just one piece missing many of the other key ingredients to a healthy and thriving life.  I believe that when it comes to health our foucs should be on:  The mind:  thoughts, feelings, behaviors and habits.  The body:  health markers, functionality, digestion, aliments.  The soul:  the  purpose, the passion, the values and personal strengths. 

10 Healthy Mind and Body tips

For almost 30 years now we have explored, studied and racked our brains over how ca we better help people succeed  at reaching goals, change their lives, and address health concerns.  We have discovered that as gym owners and fitness professionals we must bridge the gap of the mind.  80% of your results will come from nutritional choices and health choices and 80% of your success in nutrition will be mindset. As certified life coach, executive coach, health/nutritional coach this has been proven to be true over and over so we focus on both, the mind and body effect. 

The Mind: 

The mind is the most powerful beneficial and destructive tool in our success.  Learning to identify and control our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions will allow us to flourish.  When focusing on our goals we need to explore and identify many crucial parts such as:  Our goals, why, strengths, and values.  At the same time we need to explore our fears, limiting thoughts, triggers and beliefs.  

As we focus on our strengths and grow from them we are able to use those strengths to strengthen our weaknesses and overcome challenges and grow.  

example:  a Strength of hope would allow you to be a visionary and focusing on the future and ability to accomplish it.  Using a strength finder and coaching approach we are able to think outside the box giving a better perspective and allowing us to reflect, prioritize, commit and to change. 

The body:  

We are given one.  It is an important and amazing gift to be given a vehicle to live an earthly life.  It is our ability to care for and nourish the vehicle to last a life time, but to last a quality lifetime.  As we progress thru this life we have to adjust and care for our bodies differently and carefully.  

There are factors that effect our bodies  like nutrition, addictions, disease, injury, sleep, our environment, stress knowing about and making great choices in all of these areas allow us to erase unnecessary risks from our lives.   

We educate and partner with you to identify what areas can be improved and design strategic plans to implement. 

Our bodies are our vehicle to living a great life.  Much like that fancy car... put substandard gas in it or run it on empty it won't go far.  Don't change the oil it will burn you and stop, don't wash or use harsh chemicals on it the paint will dull, chip and oxidization will destroy it. 

Affirmation Poster

1 Have a strong why

Having the right motivation will determine your long term success. A big mistake is not exploring or committing to the real "why"  that is driving you.  It is not a number on a scale or a wedding pic or a vacation bikini, dig deeper.  Being healthy, addressing a health concern or losing weight effects you on a much deeper level that is where your why can be found.   Self confidence, Value, pride, longevity, ability.  Think about how you will feel and what you will be able to do that your not now or what you are concerned about now. 

2  Don't wing it!

Success rarely happens on accident. The old phrase if you don't have a  plan your planning to fail is so true. A plan gives you the ability to know where your going, what you need to do, how to do it and most important the opportunity to hold your self accountable to the things that will bring you success and the things holding you back from success.  IF THE PLAN WORKS FOLLOW THE PLAN. 

Color Powder

3  Enjoy the process

If your miserable you will stop doing it.  Be creative and practice positive mind activities to remind yourself that your doing it for your why. Find ways to make the process fun, challenging and rewarding.  Change up your workout, create a new recipe, share with a friend.  

The soul:  

One of the most important factors to being healthy, is being happy.  Happy is such a general word.  What is "happy"?  Discovering what your true happiness is, is a journey.  Understanding the key elements of happiness explores many things such as your core values, thoughts, circumstances, behaviors, attitude and strengths.


Success comes from happiness, not the other way around. 

Happiness is the only thing we pursue for its own sake.

Everything else we pursue because we believe it will make us happier.





-From major life changes and decisions to food


*Adapted from Happiness: Lessons from a New Science, Sir Richard Layard, Ph.D.

Group Picture

4  Accountability

Reasearch has proven that having someone your accountable to increases your success dramatically. An accountability partner knows your goal, and is willing to remind you of your goal and the activities that bring you closer to success.  They are the one that you report your success and your challenges to.   Challenge who is your accountability partner?

Image by Deniz Altindas

5 Belief and patience

Your belief and your willpower will determine your success.  As challenges arise it will be your belief that will be tested.  In a quick fix society we must remind our selves that self care, discipline always win in the end.   Enjoying the journey helps but being in for the long haul the winning for life is the mindset needed for real change. 

6  Islands 

Tropical Island

Islands - Everyone loves an island unless your stuck on it.   The island teachings  goes like this... work hard heads down elbows up and work toward your tiny break on an island.  The problem can be when you go on the island you don't want to come back therefore overstaying and going backwards.   Well planned out islands can be great success.  Plan out your small wins along your journey, the very short stay on the island and build excitement about the next  journey the new island.  

7  Prep for success.

A sure way to fall short is not be prepared.  Have on hand always fresh vegetables, nuts and tools your coach has recommended to prevent complete derailing in times of not be prepared. Fun options baggies with chopped veggies and a single serve of hummus or guacamole, a baggie with sliced apple and a single serve pb.  Always better than crashing and dashing -  blood sugar crashes and then you dash thru a drive thru or starve it out causing a bigger problem. 

8  Be a little selfish!

Selfish touchy word.  What is really selfish?  I can share what it is not:  Self care.  Often due to the fear of that word and what it has been thought to mean people are fearful of taking care of themselves ut of fear of being selfish.  taking care of yourself should be your first priority in all aspects-  Don't panic or judge just yet.  Your whole healthy positive self is able to accomplish anything, give so much, create, thrive.  But your somewhat distracted unhealthy, hungry, resentful self will only ever be able to give and thrive partially. Now that being said.... selfish is a thing.  I consider it a disregard for others for personal gain.  Taking time or focusing on improving your health, mind and soul - not in the selfish category. 

Hand Holding a Plant

 9  Be kind to your self - no one is perfect!

As with riding a bike you learned, you got better with time then became a master... it is a process of learning growing and mastering.  As you begin remember this in the beginning your a unconscious incompetent you don't know what you don't know - allow your coach to coach - listen follow and grow.  As you begin to grow you will become and conscious incompetent- now your realizing what you know and need  but you have to work at it, it is not yet natural or a habit and this is where real learning begins and habits form.  Now as your learning you become a conscience competent - this is where you know what you know and need  and you don't have to work at it, it has become part of you your behavior is now  natural.   It is a process and it is the process that give you strength in your actions embrace each and this is why a coach is crucial. Mastering is an evolving occurrence.   Along the way we are not perfect we don't quit we take responsibility and apply the learning to become better.  There is not room for blaming others, giving up or running away 


10  TOOT your horn

Publicly or privately it is important to recognize your wins, celebrate them and journal them.  it is so easy for people to focus on everything that isn't perfect or didn't workout .  This behaviors takes our energy from what we are doing or the greatness we have done.  I am a fan of being grateful, appreciative I believe it comes back.  So I recommend something called abundance journal-ling it is a simple practice that can be life changing.  Each night have a journal by your bed instead of zipping thru facebook or Instagram pull open your journal and begin with 3- 5 things your grateful for, blessed with or accomplished that day.  (never run thru your short comings or to do list or worry items before bed,) 

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