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Debby, Rockin 62 years old

It is never too late to pursue your happiness and health


Tim very alive at 55!

How did I go about my transformation? Let me start at the beginning. I have always been fairly fit. However, the years caught up with me and I had put on significant weight. About a year ago, I traveled overseas for my annual visit to the head office of my company in Taiwan. One of my colleagues there had been quite heavy and, when I made this trip, I was astonished to see her. She had lost about 50 pounds and was looking very trim and fit. Although she is much younger than me (about 26 – I was 54 at the time) I was truly inspired by the change she had made in herself. When I came back and started working out again, I decided to step things up – to modify my diet and really commit to making a change in myself. When I started this journey at the beginning of 2019 I weighed 192 pounds, my waist was nearly 40 inches and my BMI was 23.6%. So, to change that, I continued to work out and – more significantly - I changed my diet. A week or so after getting back from my trip to Taiwan at the end of January, I cut out most carbs (including Mountain Dew – so sad!), cut back on snacking and if I did have a snack I ate things that were better for me such as a small handful of nuts or a pickle rather than some chips or the other junk food I’d been eating previously. I also started using Recommend supplementation from Brave it Up! coaching  before each run or work out which I believe helped me to burn some fat as well. I was super strict at first and lost almost 10 pounds in the first month. Since it was not easy to be so strict all the time, after that first month I eased back a bit with my restrictions and continued to lose 3 or 4 pounds per month. By November 7th I weighed 156 pounds, my waist was 32 inches and my BMI was 13%. Obviously I look better, but I also just feel a lot better. I have been a runner for years and before this, I frequently had knee pain if I ran longer distances. That rarely happens now and I believe it is from an increased level of overall fitness and the fact that I have lost nearly 40 pounds!


Heidi, 56 & thriving

After a consult with Linda Potter in January 2019 regarding nutrition, she suggested a meal plan specific to me. I had been following the Paleo plan for approximately 6 years. In that 6 years I had dropped 2 pant sizes and thought that I was at my minimum weight. Also, in those 6 years, I was going to CrossFit and yoga so believed that I was also at my greatest fitness level.


Here are the results in a year’s time from switching to Linda’s nutritional and work out program:


· Lost 13 inches

· Lost 5 pounds

· Lost 7% body fat

· Cholesterol reduced from 211 in April 2018 to 177 in April 2019 (just 3 months of following Linda’s plan)


I am a CPA so during tax time, I work out less. Linda has kept me active during this busy time and it has helped tremendously with my stress level. Also, by eating several times a day, I do not get tired in the afternoons.


I highly recommend Brave it up!  nutritional and well being coaching!

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Syanne C, 24 Leading others

 Health, it’s been a very important topic in my life since my early teenage years. It all started with confidence issues surrounding my physical appearance. I never would say I was extremely overweight, but had slight self esteem issues. I’ve always been into sports my entire life and that helped me become physically in shape. After high school though, I became more stationary, so I decided to join the local gym, Stayin Fit and Lovin’ It. That was the start.

For a couple weeks it was just a gym to me, I would swipe my card, get my workout in, and perfectly was satisfied. After awhile though, since I went in at my specific time that I was going, the other gym members there started saying “hi, good afternoon.” Then after awhile more conversation started up with small talk. Within the first couple months I noticed it wasn’t like all the other corporate gyms. The gym had a family atmosphere. No where else had that.

After awhile though I got myself into the same routine which created no improvements, so I sought out a personal trainer there. Paul and Linda (the gym owners), had provided me with one that knew what I needed. His name was Justin and he gave me my fire back. I found physical improvements in strength and stamina. With that, my trainer also had asked me to try out the Crossfit classes he was teaching, so I did. It was held at the other gym facility the Stayin Fit and Lovin’ It owners owned as well. Holy smokes, in those classes I gained strength that I never thought was possible for a person my size. For the few years I did that, the people there were so encouraging and friendly. It wasn’t like the other Crossfit gyms you hear about with all the judgement. The Crossfit gym then switched over to their own LIFT (Lovin’ Intensity Fuctional Training); just as amazing!

Again, LIFT made me step up my game. Linda and her personal trainers she has on deck, has personally made my fitness journey improve throughout the 5+ years of going to both of her gyms. Whether it was personal training or classes. Once LIFT began Linda knew from previous conversations that I had with her, I dealt with exhaustion during mid day and still wanted to get that last extra where I wanted with my physical appearance. These past 2 years I haven’t felt more physically fit and emotionally happy in my life. She had customized a meal plan specifically for me and that worked for my schedule. I’m not gonna lie, it was a drastic change to what I had been eating before, but I needed it. It was hard, but I could feel Linda truly cared about me and wanted me to succeed. Linda tweaked some things here and there that I was having a hard time, so I could accomplish what needed to happen. Along with making it work for me, her text messages to me asking how everything was going was nice. A person who truly cared and kept me accountable makes a huge difference and that’s what I got.

The results just aren’t physical, but most of all my energy had changed. As a 24 year old I shouldn’t be having to take 2+ hour naps in the middle of the day, she changed that just by the switch of how I feed myself. I now wake up earlier and feel like I always have enough steam to keep myself going throughout my long day.

I thank the gym for giving me a place where I feel no judgement and a family that relates to me. I thank the trainers there to help push me to train my body harder so I can get the body I love. They believe in me, which makes me believe in myself.

I thank the meal plan for giving me the energy to just keep going and not feel laggy.

I thank my teammates in class for being incredibly supportive and a person I can hang out with outside the gym.


Jenn T, 39  Sharing with others

What I have incorporated in my life has now become a lifestyle. Not a fad or a simple resolution, a lifestyle. I started this new lifestyle April of 2019. I still have some work to do, but mostly I know how I feel now is something I always want to feel. I crave the gym for the movement of my body. I enhance my workouts by fueling my body with the proper nutrition and supplements (vitamins). The winning combo has led me to a much healthier lifestyle, extremely better eating habits and a daily choice to consume what's best for my health.


Since April I have lost 26 lbs and 16% body fat and 33.5 inches.   I love wearing clothes again and feel more confident than I have in a really long time. I have always been into natural medicine/ household products but it has been so much fun learning and exploring new options and items to not only keep me healthy but my family and pets too.

I have been so encouraged with this path I have been on and continue to pursue that I am changing and educating others around me too. To me that is a major win! I said yes almost a year ago and when I raised my hand I became a part of something bigger than I was capable of and a group and leader that holds me accountable and loves on me through the any ups and downs.

Cut Here


You, No matter what age

We are excited to add your story to our many successes.  Be the next person to take their health, nutrition and life to the next level.

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